Claude François

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Claude François
François in 1965
Background information
Birth nameClaude Antoine Marie François
Forby kent asCloclo
Born1 Februar 1939(1939-02-01)
Ismailia, Kinrick o Egyp (present-day the Arab Republic o Egyp)
Deid11 Mairch 1978(1978-03-11) (aged 39)
Paris, Fraunce
ThriftMuisicker, sangster, sangwriter, record producer, editor-in-chief
InstrumentsVocals, violin, percussion an drums
Years active1962–1978
LabelsFontana, Phillips, Flèche, Phonogram

Claude Antoine Marie François (1 Februar 1939 – 11 Mairch 1978), also kent bi the nickname Cloclo, wis a French pop sangster, composer, sangwriter, record producer, drummer an dancer. François co-wrote the lyrics o "Comme d'habitude" (composit by Jacques Revaux an himself), the oreeginal version o "My Way" an composit the muisic o "Parce que je t'aime mon enfant", the oreeginal version o "My Boy". Among his maist famous sangs are "Le Téléphone Pleure", "Le lundi au soleil", "Magnolias for Ever", "Alexandrie Alexandra" an "Cette année là".