Citroën U23

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Citroën U23 (1949)

The U23, or Teep 23, wis a licht (2-ton) truck introduced bi Citroën in 1936. Awtho the ingine coulin an front body wis luikin seemilar wi the Citroën Traction Avant's, the U23 haed a conventional rear-drive transmission.

The production lastit for a vera lang time, frae the late thirties tae the early saxties. Ane major customer wis the French military, who ordered lairge quantities o Teep 23s efter the declaration o Warld War II. At the time o the German invasion, mair nor 12,000 Teep 23 haed been delivered in less nor ten month.[1]

Thare haes been twa distinct body styles, syne the U23 unnerwent a major restylin in the fifties. The Citroën U23 wis replaced bi the Citroën 350 tae 850, cried Belphegor an aw.

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