Citroën LN

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Citroën LN

The Citroën LN (Hélène) an Citroën LNA (Hélèna) wur supermini automobiles produced bi the French manufacturer Citroën atween 1976 an 1986.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

LN[eedit | eedit soorce]

The LN wis introduced in 1976 as a rewirked version o Peugeot's 104 Z,[1] an wis pouered bi the economical 602 cc twa-cylinder petrol ingine o the Citroën 2CV. Equipment levels wur law, but the LN's key sellin pynts wur its cheap price an law runnin costs.

Thare wis evidence o defensiveness at the press launch, possibly acause a caur that leuked lik a Peugeot but wis assembled at a Citroën plant an fittit wi a Citroën ingine shairply refutit assurances that the twa marques wad retain thair individuality. Those assurances haed been providit bi the same press depairtments juist a few months earlier, when Citroën haed again run oot o money Peugeot haed taken control. When pressed, Citroën explained that the LN project haed been rushed throu acause o "the need tae supply customers an the [dealership] netwirk wi a model tae strengthen Citroën's position at the lawer end o the mercat" which wis haurdly a ringin endorsement o a range which at the time includit the Ami an the Dyane as well as the venerable 2CV which wad continue in production lang efter ony o the ithers.

LNA[eedit | eedit soorce]

Citroën sauld the LN in its native Fraunce ae, but its mair powerful replacement, the LNA, wis introduced in November 1978 an wis exportit tae maist o the rest o Europe (includin richt-hand drive versions for Great Breetain). It haed the mair pouerful an modren 652 cc twa-cylinder ingine o the Citroën Visa an later a 1.1 L fower-cylinder ingine wis addit which haed a tap speed o nearly 90 mph (145 km/h) on the LNA 11E an 11RE. But lik the smawer-ingined LN, the LNA wis cheap tae buy an cheap tae run.

At the same time the LNA wis launched, its Peugeot-soorced bodyshell an aa spawned the Talbot Samba which haed square heidlichts an a different, slichtly langer, rear body pairt. LNA production ceased in the simmer o 1986, while the Talbot Samba survived anither year. The Peugeot 104 remained in production till 1988 even tho its successor, the 205, haed been launcht five years earlier.

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