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Citroën C-Crosser

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The Citroën C-Crosser is a compact crossover SUV, that went on sale in the simmer o 2007 designed for the French manufacturer Citroën, an produced bi Mitsubishi Motors on the basis o the new Outlander. The equivalent Peugeot badge-engineered version will be the 4007. It wis expected that the caur wad be named the C7, but it haes been annoonced that it will nou be cried the C-Crosser. The C-Crosser haes taken its name frae the fower-wheel drive concept caur that Citroën first displayed in the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Thegither the 4007 an C-Crosser ar the first Japanese-produced caurs sauld unner ony French brand. Syne 2009 thay hae been assembled, for Europe, in the factory that wis biggit in the 1960s tae assemble DAFs, nou Mitsubishi's Nedcar plant in Born, the Netherlands.