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Citroën 7U

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The Citroën 7U wis a caur produced bi the French Citroën company atween 1935 an 1938.

Wi the introduction o the front-wheel drive Traction series, Citroën continued the rear-wheel drive production for potential customers who wur apprehensive o the newcomer. The Rosalie 7U, alang wi the 11U wur newly designed models uisin body shells frae its predecessors, the Rosalie 8CV an 10/15CV, but incorporatin an updatit front-end style influenced bi the "NH" Rosalie models an the Traction. The 1628 cc 4 cylinder ingine wis the same as uised in the Traction 7 but wis turned roond tae drive the rear axle.

Some 7,400 examples o this parteecular model wur produced at the Paris factory frae 1935 till 1938 when the model wis ceased.

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