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Cirencester is a mercat toun in Sooth Wast Ingland. The River Churn rins throu the toun. Cirencester is the muckle maist toun in the Cotswold Destrict.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cirencester wis an early Roman toun. They biggit a fort thare an it wis a thrivin trokin centre. Than, efter the Romans, cam the Saxons. A kirk wis foondit in Cirencester in the 9t or 10t century but it was shent in the 12t century an anither kirk wis biggit. In Tudor times mony Cirencester merchands becam rich throu naitional and internaitional troke. By the 18t century it wis a thrivin mercat toun. These days quite a few tourists veesit the toun acause o it's bonnie architecture.