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Cipactli (Clessical Nahuatl: Cipactli) 'Crocodile' or 'Caiman', wis the first day o the Aztec divinatory coont o 13 X 20 days (the tonalpohualli), an Cipactonal 'Sign o Cipactli' wis conseedert tae hae been the first diviner.[1] In Aztec cosmology, the crocodile seembolised the yird floatin in the primeval watters. In Aztec meethologie, Cipactli wis a primeval sea monster, pairt crocodilian, pairt fish an pairt taid or frog, wi indefinite gender. Ayeweys hungry, ivery jynt on its bouk wis adorned wi an extra mooth. The deity Tezcatlipoca saicrifeecit a fit whan he uised it as bait tae draw the monster nearer. He an Quetzalcoatl creatit the yird frae its bouk.

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