Chuguyevsky Destrict

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For the destrict in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, see Chuhuivskyi Raion.
Chuguyevsky Destrict
Чугуевский район (Roushie)
Location o Chuguyevsky Destrict on the map o Primorsky Krai
Coordinates: 44°28′N 134°12′E / 44.467°N 134.200°E / 44.467; 134.200Coordinates: 44°28′N 134°12′E / 44.467°N 134.200°E / 44.467; 134.200
Coat of Arms of Chuguyevsky rayon (Primorsky kray).png
Coat o airms o Chuguyevsky Municipal Destrict
Federal subjectPrimorsky Krai[1]
Administrative structure (as o 2009)
Admeenistrative centreseloChuguyevka[citation needit]
Inhabitit localities:[1]
Rural localities32
Municipal structure (as o June 2010)
Municipally incorporatit asChuguyevsky Municipal Destrict[2]
Municipal diveesions:[2]
Rural settlements3
Aurie12,346.5 km2 (4,767.0 sq mi)[3]
Population (2010 Census)24,938 inhabitants[4]
Density2.02/km2 (5.2/sq mi)[5]
Time zoneVLAT (UTC+10:00)[6]
Offeecial wabsteid
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Chuguyevsky Destrict (Roushie: Чугу́евский райо́н) is an admeenistrative[1] an municipal[2] destrict (raion) o Primorsky Krai, Roushie; ane o the twinty-twa in the krai. It is locatit in the central portion o the krai. The aurie o the destrict is 12,346 square kilometers (4,767 sq mi).[3] Its admeenistrative centre is the landwart locality (a selo) o Chuguyevka. Destrict's population: 28,913 (2002 Census);[7] 30,909 (1989 Census).[8] Population o Chuguyevka accoonts for 47.3% o the destrict's population.[7]

Municipally, the destrict is incorporatit as Chuguyevsky Municipal Destrict an dividit intae three landwart dounses comprisin thirty-twa landwart localities.[2]

The territory is ruggit bi the ranges an spurs o Sikhote-Alin muntain seestem an awmaist totally covered wi forests an bushes mainly o coniferous-deciduous kynd. Thare is a gemme reserve in the territory o the destrict which is remarkable for its heichland landscape wi specific fauna an endemic insect species. In 2007, Zov Tigra (lit. Caw o the Teeger) naitional pairk based on this gemme preserve wis establisht in the destrict.

Thare is a lairge deposit o perlite an vermiculite which can be uised as a filler in a concrete-processin industrie. A zeolite deposit is exploitit in the destrict. Thare are stocks o the gravel-sand mixtur an pebble, an a unique deposit o decorative collectible stanes.

The destrict's industrie is representit bi the krai's lairgest timmer industrie enterprises which are involvit in commercial timmer processin, sawtimber, an technological firth chips an plyfirth production. Development an utilization o perlites, zeolites, an vermiculites as well as forest fuid resoorces are considered prospective.

Agricultur is specialisit in potato growin, milk an meat cattle breedin. The arable aurie comprises some wastren pairt o the destrict, wi its rich alluvial soils o the upper tae middle valleys o the Ussuri River.

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