Christian V o Denmark

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Christian V
Jacob d'Agar craftit the offeecial portrait o the keeng, that poses wi his haund authoritatively placed on the marshal's baton, as a true absolute monarch, ca. 1685.
Keeng o Denmark an Norawa (more...)
Ring 9 Februar 1670 – 25 August 1699
Coronation 7 Juin 1671
Frederiksborg Palace Chapel
Predecessor Frederick III
Successor Frederick IV
Born 15 Apryle 1646(1646-04-15)
Duborg Castle, Flensburg
Dee'd 25 August 1699(1699-08-25) (aged 53)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Buirial Roskilde Cathedral
Spouse Charlotte Amalie o Hesse-Kassel
Issue Frederick IV o Denmark
Prince Christian
Princess Sophia Hedwig
Prince Charles
Prince William
Hoose Oldenburg
Faither Frederick III o Denmark
Mither Sophie Amalie o Brunswick-Lüneburg
Releegion Lutheran

Christian V (15 Apryle 1646 – 25 August 1699) wis keeng o Denmark an Norawa frae 1670 till his daith in 1699.