Christ's Hospital

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Christ's Hospital
Quad DH.jpg
Christ's Hospital quad
Established 1552
Type Independent buirdin schuil
Releegion Kirk o Ingland
Preses The Duke o Gloucester
Heidmaster Simon Reid
Depute Heids Marlene Fleming an Jon Perriss
Chairman o the Cooncil o Almoners Garry Johnson
Foonder Keeng Edward VI
Location Horsham
West Sussex
RH13 0YP
Unitit Kinrick
51°02′39″N 0°21′47″W / 51.044167°N 0.363056°W / 51.044167; -0.363056Coordinates: 51°02′39″N 0°21′47″W / 51.044167°N 0.363056°W / 51.044167; -0.363056
DfE URN 126107 Tables
Students 870: 435 girls & 435 boys (2015)[1]
Gender Coeddicational
Ages 11–18
Hooses Peele, Thornton, Middleton, Coleridge, Lamb, Barnes, Maine, Leigh Hunt

Blue & Yellae

Publications Housey!
The Blue
The Broadie
Patron Queen Elizabeth II
Umwhile pupils Old Blues
School Sang Votum
The Foundation Hymn

Christ's Hospital (weel kent as The Bluecoat School, an bi the bynames "Housey" an "CH") is an independent boarding schuil in the kintra juist sooth o Horsham, West Sussex, Ingland. The schuil wis foondit in the 16t century in Greyfriars, Lunnon an in Hertford.

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