Chris Froome

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Chris Froome
Froome in 2014
Personal information
Full nameChristopher Froome
Born (1985-05-20) 20 Mey 1985 (age 38)
Nairobi, Kenyae
Hicht1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)[2]
Wecht69 kg (152 lb; 11 st)[2]
Team information
Current teamTeam Ineos
Rider teepAw-roonder
Perfaisional team(s)
2007Team Konica Minolta
2010–Team Sky[3][N 1]
Major wins
Grand Tours
Tour de France
General classification (2013)
4 individual stages (2012, 2013)
Vuelta a España
1 individual stage (2011)

Stage races

Critérium du Dauphiné (2013)
Tour de Romandie (2013)
Critérium International (2013)
Tour o Oman (2013)

Christopher Froome (born 20 May 1985) is a Kenyan-born Breetish professional road racin cyclist who rides for UCI ProTeam Team Ineos.[4][5] Born in Kenyae an brocht up in Sooth Africae, syne ware 2008 he haes ridden unner a Breetish licence on the basis o his passport an faither's an grandparents' kintra o birth.[6]

In 2007 Froome turned professional at the age o 22 wi Team Konica Minolta. He moved tae Europe tae further his career, jynin the Breetish-based team, Barloworld. In 2010 he moved tae Team Sky an he haes acome ane o the team's key cyclists. Froome made his breakthrough as a Grand Tour contender durin the 2011 Vuelta a España whaur he finished seicont oweraw.

At the 2012 Tour de France, ridin as a domestique for Bradley Wiggins, Froome wan stage seven, which culminated on a steep uphill finish [7] an finished seicont oweraw, behind anly Wiggins' win in the same race as the best Breetish performance in the race's history. In the same year an aa wan the bronze medal in the time trial event at the Olympic Gemmes an finished fowerth in the Vuelta a España. His first stage race win came in 2013, in the Tour o Oman, follaeed bi wins in the Criterium Internaitional, the Tour de Romandie, the Critérium du Dauphiné an the Tour de France.

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