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Chicomuselo is locatit in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 15°46′N 92°16′W / 15.767°N 92.267°W / 15.767; -92.267
Kintra Mexico
 • Total1043 km2 (403 sq mi)
 • Total24,994

Chicomuselo is a municipio (municipality) in the Mexican state o Chiapas, an the name o the municipality's lairgest dounset an the seat o the municipal govrenment an aw. The municipality haes a aurie o some 1,043 km², an haed a census population (INEGI 2000 figurs) recordit o 24,994 inhabitants.[1] Chicomuselo is currently sufferin the exploitation o laund in the haunds o the Blackfire exploration LTD a minin company frae Canadae.[2]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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