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Roberto Gómez Bolaños
Imagen de homenaje a Chespirito.jpg
Pseudonym Chespirito
Birth name Roberto Gómez Bolaños
Born 21 Februar 1929(1929-02-21)
Mexico Ceety, Mexico
Dee'd 28 November 2014(2014-11-28) (aged 85)
Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Medium Televeesion, film, muisic, theatre, comic beuks
Years active 1958–1995
Genres Pheesical comedy, sitcom, satire
Subject(s) Childer, leid, superheroes, social issues
Spoose Graciela Fernandez (m. 1968–1989),
Florinda Meza (m. 2004–2014)
Notable warks an roles Chespirito
El Chapulín Colorado
El Chavo del Ocho

Roberto Gómez Bolaños (21 Februar 192928 November 2014) kent bi his stage name Chespirito, wis a Mexican writer, actor, director, comedian, humorist, songwriter an poet.[1]

He wis kent for writin, directin, an starrin in the Chespirito (1968), El Chavo del Ocho (1971), an El Chapulín Colorado (1972) televeesion series. The character o El Chavo is ane o the maist iconic in the history o Laitin American televeesion, an El Chavo del Ocho continues tae be popular, wi daily warldwide viewership averagin 91 million viewers per episode.[2]

Bolaños wis born in Mexico Ceety, Mexico. His parents wur Francisco Gómez Linares an Elsa Bolaños Cacho Aguilar. His brither Horacio wis a actor an aw. Mexican Preses Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Bolaños wis his cousin ance remuivit.

Afore becomin an actor, Bolaños wis a smaw-time boxer. He wantit tae be a ingineer, sae he studit at Naitional Autonomous Varsity o Mexico. Bolaños wrote some smaw plays durin his pre-actin career an aw. His stage name, "Chespirito", wis gien tae him bi a producer durin Bolaños' first years as a writer. The elk-name means "Little Shakespeare".[3]

Bolaños marriit fellae co-starn actress Florinda Meza efter years o havin a partnership in 2004. Bolaños haed sax childer frae a last marriage, Graciela Fernandez, which endit in divorce. He wis a member o the National Action Pairty (PAN).

On 28 November 2014, Bolaños deit frae hert failur at the age o 85, in Cancún, Quintana Roo.[4][5] His funeral wis held at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico Ceety on 30 November 2014. He is burit at Panteón Francés, in Mexico Ceety.[6]

Films[eedit | eedit soorce]

El Chavo

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