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Baked cheesecake wi a straeberry,
raspberries an blueberries
TeepCustard tairt
Main ingredientsCheese, pie crust
(graham cracker crust), pastry
or spoonge cake), succar
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Cheesecake is a sweet dish conseestin primarily o a mixtur o saft, fresh cheese (nae always cream cheese), eggs, an succar; eften on a crust or base made frae grushed cuikies or graham crackers, pastry or spoonge cake.[1] It mey be bakit or unbakit. Cheesecake is uisually sweetened wi succar an mey be flavoured or tappit wi fruit, whipped cream, nits, fruit sauce an/or chocolate. Cheesecake can be prepared in mony flavours, sic as straeberry, pumpkin, key lime, or taffee.

Cheesecake is uisually sert as a dessert.

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