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A platter wi cheese an garnishes

Cheese is a fuid conseestin o fats an proteins, for ordinar makkit frae the milk o cous, gaits an sheep. An auncient fuid that's oreegin pre-dates recordit history.

It is made bi the gealin o the milk protein casein. The milk is acidifee'd an whan rennel is eikit til it, hit causes it geal. Syne the solit pairts is sindered an pressed intil its feenished furm. The're mony hunder sindry kynds o cheese wi mony texturs an flavours.


Humans maist like discuivered cheese bi mistak whan carrien Milk frae ae place til tither athin pokes made frae the intimmers o Sheep,Gaits an Coo's. I the hyne awa times afore Refridgeration thon wes the maist common wey tae presser Milk. Tho we kenna whaur Cheese firstlins wes discuivered heistorians hae funnd evidence o the makkin o cheese athin The Middle Aest ,Europe an Central Asia frae as ferr back as 8000 BC.[1]


Cheesemakkin skeills is thocht tae hae been inbrocht til Europe bi traivelin tredds fowk frae Asia throu The Roman Impire. Frae the times o The Roman Impire the skeill o makkin cheese haed becum a Airt Furm at haes nae gret differs frae cheesemakkin the day.

Thare war muckle varietie o cheese made an the mensefu an skeillie makkers haed thairsels lairned sindrie weys o stowin cheese at gied a rowth o flavours an textures.

Wi the forderance o The Roman Impire cam the inbringin o cheese til airts whaur the like haedna been seen or preed afore alang wi the skeills o the cheesemakker.


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