Cheenese unification

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Cheenese unification
Territory controlled by the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae (purple) and the Republic o Cheenae (orange). The size of minor islands has been exaggerated in this map for ease of visibility.
Traditional Chinese中國統一
Simplified Chinese中国统一
Leeteral meaninCheena unification
Cross-Strait (Re)unification
Traditional Chinese海峽兩岸統一
Simplified Chinese海峡两岸统一
Leeteral meaninTwa shores of strait unification

Cheenese (re)unification, more specifically Cross-strait (re)unification, is the irredentist concept of Greater Cheenae that expresses the goal of unifying the mainlaund Chenaee (Fowkrepublic o Cheenae; FRC) and Taiwan (Republic of Cheenae; ROC) into a single sovereign state.

Both kintras claim tae be the sole legitimate govrenment o Cheenae. they are the ane "real" legitimate govrenment o Cheenae.

The FRC doesna recognise the legitimacy o the ROC an claims Taiwan as a pairt o the FRC's territory, despite niver haein controlled it. It seeks tae "unify" Taiwan unner the formula o ane kintra, twa systems an reserves the authority tae uise military force.Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name