Charles Stewart Parnell

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Charles Stewart Parnell
Charles Stewart Parnell - Brady-Handy.jpg
Leader o the Erse Pairlamentar Pairty
In office
Succeedit bi John Redmond
Leader o the Hame Rule League
In office
Precedit bi William Shaw
Member o Pairlament
for Cork Ceety
In office
5 Apryle 1880 – 6 October 1891
Precedit bi Nicholas Daniel Murphy
Succeedit bi Martin Flavin
Member o Pairlament
for Meath
In office
21 Apryle 1875 – 5 Apryle 1880
Precedit bi John Martin
Succeedit bi Alexander Martin Sullivan
Personal details
Born 27 Juin 1846(1846-06-27)
Avondale, Coonty Wicklow, Ireland
Dee'd 6 October 1891(1891-10-06) (aged 45)
Hove, Ingland
Naitionality Erse
Poleetical pairty Erse Pairlamentar Pairty (1882–1891)
Home Rule League (1880–1882)
Spoose(s) Katharine O'Shea
Bairns Claude Sophie
Alma mater Cambridge University

Charles Stewart Parnell (27 Juin 1846 – 6 October 1891) wis an Erse naitionalist politeecian an memmer o tha Breetish Tolsel that foondit tha "Irish Parliamentary Party".