Charles Grant, 1st Baron Glenelg

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The Laird Glenelg

Preses o the Buird o Tred
In office
4 September 1827 – 11 Juin 1828
MonarchGeorge IV
Prime MeenisterThe Viscount Goderich
The Duke o Wellington
Precedit biWilliam Huskisson
Succeedit biWilliam Vesey-FitzGerald
Secretar o State for War an the Colonies
In office
18 Apryle 1835 – 20 Februar 1839
MonarchWilliam IV
Prime MeenisterThe Viscoont Melbourne
Precedit biThe Yerl o Aiberdeen
Succeedit biThe Marquess o Normanby
Personal details
Born26 October 1778 (1778-10-26)
Calcutta, Indie
Dee'd23 April 1866 (1866-04-24) (aged 87)
Cannes, France
Poleetical pairtyTory
Alma materMagdalene College, Cambridge

Charles Grant, 1st Baron Glenelg PC FRS (26 October 1778 – 23 Apryle 1866) wis a Scots politeecian an colonial admeenistrator. He wis Preses o the Buird o Tred frae 1827 tae 1828 an Secretar o State for War an the Colonies frae 1835 tae Februar 1839.[1][2]

Grant representit Innerness (frae Innerness Burghs an Innerness-shire, where he succeedit his father) in Parliament frae 1811 tae 1835. He wis creatit Baron in 1835. Efter his poleetical career he lived outside the Unitit Kinrick, particularly in France, caused bi his poor health. He had no wife an no bairns, so the title o Baron Glenelg dee'd with him in 1866.[1][2]

The ceety o Glenelg in Australie is named efter him.[2]

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Pairlament o the Unitit Kinrick
Precedit bi
Peter Baillie
Member o Parliament for Innerness Burghs
Succeedit bi
George Cumming
Precedit bi
Charles Grant
Member o Pairlament for Innerness-shire
Succeedit bi
Alexander William Chisholm
Peerage o the Unitit Kinrick
New creation Baron Glenelg