Château de Montsoreau

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Château de Montsoreau
Château de Montsoreau, depuis la rive droite de la Loire.jpg
Château de Montsoreau, Loire Valley
General information
Status Château de Montsoreau-Museum o Contemporary Airt
Teep Pailace
Airchitectural style French Renaissance airchitectur
Location Montsoreau, Fraunce
Coordinates 47°12′56″N 0°03′44″E / 47.2156°N 0.0622°E / 47.2156; 0.0622Coordinates: 47°12′56″N 0°03′44″E / 47.2156°N 0.0622°E / 47.2156; 0.0622
Elevation 35
Ainer Philippe Méaille
Laundlord Maine-et-Loire département
Technical details
Lifts/elevators 2
Design an construction
Airchitect Unknown
Offeecial steid o the Chateau de Montsoreau
Offeecial name The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire an Chalonnes, previously inscribed as Chateau an Estate o Chambord
Teep Cultural
Criteria i, ii, vi
Designatit 2000 (24t session)
Reference no. 933bis
State Pairty Fraunce
Region Europe

The Château de Montsoreau is a French château in the smaa veelage o Montsoreau in the Maine-et-Loire département o the Loire Valley in Fraunce.