Château de Chambord

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Castle o Chambord
Château de Chambord
Aerial view o the Château de Chambord
General information
LocationChambord, Centre-Val de Loire, Fraunce
Coordinates47°36′59″N 1°31′01″E / 47.616342°N 1.516962°E / 47.616342; 1.516962Coordinates: 47°36′59″N 1°31′01″E / 47.616342°N 1.516962°E / 47.616342; 1.516962
Offeecial steid o the Chateau de Chambord
Offeecial nameThe Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire an Chalonnes, previously inscribed as Castle an Estate o Chambord
Criteriai, ii, vi
Designatit1981 (5t session)
Reference no.933
State PairtyFraunce

The ryal Château de Chambord (Scots: Castle o Chambord) in Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, Fraunce, is ane o the maist recognisable châteaux in the warld acause o its very distinctive French Renaissance airchitectur which blends tradeetional French medieval forms wi clessical Renaissance structurs.