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Coat o airms o Cerdagne.

Cerdanya (Catalan pronunciation: [sərˈðaɲə], [Ceretania or Ceritania] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), French: Cerdagne, Spaingie: Cerdaña), aften la Cerdanya,[1][2] is a naitural comarca an historical region o the eastren Pyrenees dividit atween Fraunce an Spain. Historically it wis ane o the coonties o Catalonie.

Cerdanya haes a laund aurie o 1,086 km2 (419 sq mi), dividit amaist evenly atween Spain (50.3%) an Fraunce (49.7%). In 2001 its population wis approximately 26,500, o whom 53% lived on Spaingie territory. Its population density o 24 residents per km² (63 per sq. mile) is ane o the lawest in Wastren Europe. The anerly urban aurie in Cerdanya is the cross-border urban aurie o Puigcerdà-Bourg-Madame, which conteened 10,900 indwallers in 2001.

The aurie enjoys a heich annual amoont o sunshine – aroond 3,000 oors per year. For this reason, pioneerin lairge-scale solar pouer projects hae been biggit in several locations in French Cerdagne, includin Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via, the Themis plant near Targassonne, an Mont-Louis Solar Furnace in Mont-Louis.

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