Cave o Altamira

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UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Cave o Altamira an Paleolithic Cave Airt o Northren Spain
Name as inscribed on the World Heritage List
Replica at Museo Arqueológico Nacional o Cave o Altamira
Teep Cultural
Criterie i, iii
Reference 310
UNESCO region Europe an North Americae
Inscription history
Inscription 1985 (9th Session)
Extensions 2008
Cave o Altamira is locatit in Spain
Cave o Altamira
Location o Cave o Altamira in Spain.

The Cave o Altamira is a cave in Spain famous for its Upper Paleolithic cave pentins featurin drawins an polychrome rock pentins o wild mammals an human haunds.

Coordinates: 43°22′57″N 4°6′58″W / 43.38250°N 4.11611°W / 43.38250; -4.11611