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Saint Catherine of Siena
Catherine of Siena.jpg
St. Catherine of Siena,
by anonymous painter, 19th century
Virgin; Doctor o Kirk
Born Mairch 25, 1347(1347-03-25)
Siena, Republic of Siena
Dee'd Aprile 29, 1380(1380-04-29) (aged 33)
Rome, Papal States
Honored in Roman Catholic Kirk; Anglican Communion; Lutheranism
Canonizit 29 Juin 1461 by Pape Pius II
Feast April 29; April 30 (Roman Calendar, 1628–1969)
Attributes Dominican tertiaries' habit, lily, beuk, crucifix, hert, croun o thorns, stigmata, raing, dove, rose, skull, miniature kirk, miniatur ship bearin Papal coat o airms
Patronage against fire, bodily ills, diocese o Allentown, Pennsylvanie, USA, Europe, illness, Italy, miscairiages, fowk ridiculed for thair piety, sexual temptation, sick fowk, sickness, nurses

Saunt Catherine o Siena, T.O.S.D. (Mairch 25, 1347 in Siena – Aprile 29, 1380 in Roum), wis a tertiary o the Dominican Order an a Scholastic filosofer an theologian. She an aa wirked tae bring the papacy o Gregory XI back tae Roum frae its displacement in Fraunce an tae establish peace amang the Italian ceety-states. Syne 18 Juin 1939, she is ane o the twa patron saunts o Italy, thegither wi St. Francis o Assisi.[1] On 3 October 1970, she wis proclaimed a Doctor o the Kirk bi Pape Paul VI, an on 1 October 1999, Pape John Paul II named her as ane o the sax patron saunts o Europe, thegither wi Benedict o Nursia, Saunts Cyril an Methodius, Bridget o Swaden an Edith Stein.[2][3]

Libro della divina dottrina, c. 1475

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