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Carolina Tohá

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Carolina Tohá in 2009.

Carolina Montserrat Tohá Morales (born 12 Mey 1965) is a Chilean politeecian frae the Pairty for Democracy (PPD) mayor o Santiago. She is the dochter of the late Socialist politeecian, Vice Preses, an meenister o Salvador Allende, José Tohá.

Tohá made her debut in politics in 1984 as a leader o the University o Chile student federation (Fech). Durin the presidency o Ricardo Lagos she wis Deputy Meenister Secretar General o Government. In 1999 she wis vice-preses o the PPD. In 2001 she wis electit tae the Chamber o Deputies —Chile's lawer chamber o Congress—, representin the Santiago destrict, an was reelectit in 2005. On 12 Mairch 2009 she replacit Francisco Vidal in the Ministry General Secretariat of Government, becomin the first wumman tae hauld that post in the kintra's history. Her congress seat became vacant, as baith positions are incompatible wi ilk ither in times o peace; she wis replacit bi Felipe Harboe. On 14 Dizember 2009 she quit her govrenment post tae lead Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle's presidential runaff campaign. In 2010 she wis electit preses o the PPD. On 28 October 2012 she wis electit mayor o Santiago bi an absolute majority, endin the richt's 12-year rule ower a key municipality.

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Tohá haes a law degree frae the University o Chile an a Ph.D. in poleetical science frae the University o Milan. She is marriet (tho currently estrangit) tae physician an Socialist deputy Fulvio Rossi an haes twa childer frae an earlier pairtner.


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Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Francisco Vidal
Meenistry General Secretariat o Govrenment
Succeedit bi
Pilar Armanet