Canton o Bruyères

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Canton o Bruyères
French canton
Kintra Fraunce
Region Lorraine
Depairtment Vosges
Communes 30
 • Total 229.51 km2 (88.61 sq mi)
Population (1999)
 • Tot 14,947
 • Density 65/km2 (170/sq mi)
Cantonal code 88 03
¹ French Laund Register data, that exclude estuaries, an lochs, ponds, an glaciers lairger nor 1 km2.
Kintraside atween Bruyères an Fiménil

The Canton o Bruyères is a largely rural French admeenistrative an electoral groupin o communes in the Vosges département o eastren Fraunce an in the region o Lorraine.

Positioned athin the Arrondissement o Épinal, the canton haes its admeenistrative centre at Bruyères.

Composition[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Canton o Bruyères comprises the follaein 30 communes :

Template:Cantons o Vosges Coordinates: 48°12′38″N 6°43′10″E / 48.21056°N 6.71944°E / 48.21056; 6.71944