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Camille (sangster)

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Camille performin live in Melbourne, Australie 2009
Background information
Birth nameCamille Dalmais
Born (1978-03-10) 10 Mairch 1978 (age 46)
OreiginParis, Fraunce
ThriftSangster, sangwriter, actress
Years active2001–present
LabelsVirgin Records, EMI
Associate actsNouvelle Vague, MaJiKer

Camille Dalmais, better kent bi her mononym Camille (born in 1978 in Paris), is a French sangster, sangwriter an occasional actress.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Camille wis born an raised in Paris, Fraunce. As a teenager she studiet ballet an developit an interest in bossa nova muisic an American stage muisicals.[1] She attendit the prestigious Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye whaur she obtained her baccalaureate in leeteratur. Thanks tae her mither bein an Inglis teacher, she grew up learnin tae speak Inglis fluently. She performit her first oreeginal sang "Un Homme Déserté" at the age o saxteen while attendin a weddin.[1] In the early 2000s, while performin at jazz clubs in Paris, Camille made her actin début in the film Les Morsures de l'Aube (bi Antoine de Caunes; wi Asia Argento an Guillaume Canet). She contributit tae the sang "La Vie la Nuit" in its soondtrack.[1]

She attendit Paris Institute o Political Studies "Sciences Po" juist afore beginnin her muisic career.[2]

Muisic career[eedit | eedit soorce]

In early 2002, Camille signed a recordin contract wi Virgin Records. She released her first studio album Le Sac des Filles. In 2004, she began wirkin wi Marc Collin an his baund Nouvelle Vague, which incorporates new wave an bossa nova muisic.[1] She contributit vocals tae the sangs "Too Drunk to Fuck", "In a Manner of Speaking", "The Guns of Brixton", an "Making Plans for Nigel" on thair first album.[3]

In 2005 she released the album Le Fil, which wis producit in collaboration wi Inglis producer MaJiKer. This album incorporatit an avant-garde concept – a string, or thread ("le fil"), which wis a drone that persistit throuoot the entire course o the album. Aw o the sangs in this album are based on the sploration o the vyce, wi anerlie a double bass, bass guitar, guitar, trombone, percussion or keybuird as accompanyin instruments. Le fil quickly became a gowd album. The sang "Pâle Septembre" seems tae be a reference tae the attacks on the Warld Tred Center o 11 September 2001. The lines "Mais qui est cet homme qui tombe de la tour? Mais qui est cet homme qui tombe des cieux? Mais qui est cet homme qui tombe amoureux?" (But who is this man fawin frae the touer? But who is this man fawin frae the skies? But who is this man fawin in love?) suggest guilt accompanyin luve in a time o mournin. The sang "Ta Douleur" wis votit 26t in Australie's Triple J Hottest 100, 2006.

In Juin 2007 Camille performit Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols an a new a cappella work God is sound (The 12 World Prayers) at L'église Saint-Eustache, Paris.

Camille's sang "1, 2, 3" frae Le Sac des Filles wis uised in the telly ad for Cacharel's Promesse perfume starrin Laetitia Casta an Matthew Avedon. Her sang "Waves" wis uised in Perrier's "Melting" telly ad.

An aw in 2007, she contributit tae the soondtrack o Pixar's Ratatouille in the sang entitled "Le Festin". This style o muisic, which mey be termit "teepical Parigot street singing", is foond in the movie Porco Rosso in the sang "Le Temps des Cerises" an aw. Additionally, she provides the European French dub vyce o Collette in Ratatouille.

A new album entitled Music Hole wis released on 7 Aprile 2008, again producit in collaboration wi MaJiKer. Music Hole wis recordit an mixed bi Valgeir Sigurdsson. The first single frae the album entitled "Gospel With No Lord" wis released for online dounload on 11 Februar 2008, alang wi anither new sang frae the album entitled "Money Note".[4][5]

Her sang, "Ta douleur" wis featurt in the American telly program Saturday Night Live. The oreeginal sketch aired in October 2010 titled "Les jeunes de Paris" hostit bi actress Emma Stone. In Mairch 2011, sangster Miley Cyrus showcased this sang in a seemilar sketch. The skit which seemit inspired bi Jean-Luc Godard's Band of Outsiders wis entirely in French an involvit a dance aff tae the sang.

She contributit tae the track "Putain putain" on Nouvelle Vague's 2010 album Couleurs Sur Paris for whom she haed previously done wirk for on thair first album. Recently she appeared on Jérôme Van Den Hole's sel-titled album on the track, "Debout".

Her sang "Pour que l'amour me quitte" frae her 2005 album Le Fil wis covered in Italian superstarn Elisa's 2010 acoustic album Ivy in collaboration wi her colleague Giorgia.[6]

Her maist recent album, titled Ilo Veyou, came oot in October o 2011.[7]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 18 November 2010, she gae birth tae a son namit Marius, whose faither is muisicker an percussionist Clément Ducol.[8] She is an atheist.[9]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Album details Peak Chairt Poseetions Certification
2002 Le Sac des Filles
  • Released: September 23, 2002
  • Label: Virgin/EMI
2005 Le Fil
  • Released: Februar 14, 2005
  • Label: Virgin
4 27 22 48 27
2006 Live au Trianon
  • Released: Mairch 13, 2006
  • Label: Virgin
22 47 62
2008 Music Hole
  • Released: Apryle 7, 2008
  • Label: Virgin
5 7 25
2011 Ilo Veyou 3 66 9 24
2013 Ilo Lympia 54

Guest appearances[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Sang Album/Single
2004 "In a Manner of Speaking" Nouvelle Vague
2004 "Guns of Brixton"
2004 "Too Drunk to Fuck"
2004 "Making Plans for Nigel"
2005 "Dumb VF" Le Pop En Duo
2005 "Someone Like You" Fast Track (Vocal Mix)
2005 "Si j'avais su" Hold-up
2007 "Le Festin" Ratatouille (soundtrack)
2009 "Alliance" Around Robert Wyatt
2009 "The Pink Piano" Body-Piano-Machine
2009 "Metropolitain" Metropolitain
2010 "Pretty Face" Here Lies Love
2010 "Putain, Putain" Couleurs Sur Paris
2011 "Nicole"
(Les Petroleuses feat. Camille)
The Singers
2011 "Debout" Jérôme Van Den Hole
2013 "L'amie d'un italien (Rainbows)"
(Raphael Gualazzi feat. Camille)
Happy Mistake

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