Camargo Municipality, Chihuahua

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Coat o airms o Camargo
Coat o airms
Municipality o Camargo in Chihuahua
Municipality o Camargo in Chihuahua
Kintra  Mexico
State Chihuahua
Municipal seat Santa Rosalía de Camargo
 • Total 16,066 km2 (6,203 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Tot 47,209

Camargo is a ane o the 67 municipalities o Chihuahua, in northren Mexico. The municipal seat lees at Santa Rosalía de Camargo. The municipality covers an aurie o 16,066 km².

As o 2005, the municipality haed a total population o 47,209.

The municipality haes the seicont-lairgest land aurie in the state (efter Ahumada), an is ane o the lairgest in aw o Mexico an aw. It is amaist aw vera spairsely populatit except for the ceety o Santa Rosalía de Camargo, which is the seivent-lairgest commonty in the state in population wi aroond 39,000.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Touns an veelages[eedit | eedit soorce]

Name Population
Camargo 39,149
La Perla 898
San Ignacio 618
Total Municipality 47,209

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