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Paradigm(s) procedural,
Appeared in 1959 (1959)
Designed bi Grace Hopper, William Selden, Gertrude Tierney, Howard Bromberg, Howard Discount, Vernon Reeves, Jean E. Sammet
Stable release COBOL 2002 (2002)
Typin discipline strang, static
Major implementations OpenCOBOL, Micro Focus International (e.g. the Eclipse-plug-in Micro Focus Net Express)
Dialects HP3000 COBOL/II, COBOL/2, IBM OS/VS COBOL, IBM COBOL/II, IBM COBOL SAA, IBM Enterprise COBOL, IBM COBOL/400, IBM ILE COBOL, Unix COBOL X/Open, Micro Focus COBOL, Microsoft COBOL, Ryan McFarland RM/COBOL, Ryan McFarland RM/COBOL-85, DOSVS COBOL, UNIVAC COBOL, Realia COBOL, Fujitsu COBOL, ICL COBOL, ACUCOBOL-GT, isCOBOL, COBOL-IT, DEC COBOL-10, DEC VAX COBOL, Wang VS COBOL, Visual COBOL, Tandem (NonStop) COBOL85, Tandem (NonStop) SCOBOL (a COBOL74 variant for creating screens on text-based terminals)
Influenced PL/I, CobolScript, ABAP

COBOL /ˈkbɒl/ is ane o the auldest programmin leids, primarily designed bi Grace Hopper. Its name is an acronym for COmmon Business-Orientit Leid, definin its primary domain in business, finance, an admeenistrative seestems for companies an govrenments.

The COBOL 2002 standard includes support for object-orientit programmin an ither modren leid featurs.[1]

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