Călărași Coonty

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Călărași Coonty

Județul Călărași
Laundscape in Călărași Coonty
Laundscape in Călărași Coonty
Calarasi in Romania.svg
Kintra Romanie
Development region1Sud
Historic regionMuntenia
Caipital ceety (Reședință de județ)Călărași
 • TeepCoonty Board
 • Preses o the County BoardRăducu George Filipescu (Naitional Leeberal Pairty)
 • Prefect2Emil Musat
 • Total5088 km2 (1,964 sq mi)
Area rank28t in Romanie
 • Total285,050
 • Rank34t in Romanie
 • Density56.02/km2 (145.1/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal Code
Area code(s)+40 x424
Caur PlatesCL5
GDPUS$ 2.09 billion (2008)
GDP/capitaUS$ 6,446 (2008)
WebsiteCounty Board
County Prefecture
1The developin regions o Romanie hae na admeenistrative role. Thay war formed juist tae attract funds frae the European Union
2 as o 2007, the Prefect isna a politeecian, but a public functionary. He (or she) isna allaed tae be a member o a poleetical party, an is banned frae ony poleetical activity in the first sax months efter resignation (or exclusion) frae the public functionary corps
3w, x, y, an z are deegits that indicate the ceety, the street, pairt o the street, or even the biggin o the address
4x is a deegit indicatin the operator: 2 for the umwhile naitional operator, Romtelecom, an 3 for the ither grund telephone networks
5uised on baith the plates o the vehicles that operate anerly in the coonty leemits (lik utility vehicles, ATVs, etc.), an the anes uised ootside the coonty

Călărași (Romanie pronunciation: [kələˈraʃʲ] ( listen)) is a coonty (județ) o Romanie on the border wi Bulgarie, in Muntenia, wi the coonty seat at Călărași.

Coordinates: 47°15′N 28°20′E / 47.250°N 28.333°E / 47.250; 28.333