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This airticle is tae dae wi a kin of breid rowe. For the dairy product, see butter.

Aberdeen Buttery.jpg
Alternative names Rowie, rollie, Aberdeen row, cuikie
Teep Breid row
Place o oreegin Aiberdeen, Scotland
Main ingredients Flour, lard, butter or vegetable ile, baurm
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A butterie, kent as a rowie or Aiberdeen rowe an aw, is a savoury Scots breid rowe. Thay ar notit for thair flaky texture an buttery gust, whaur the name comes frae.

As the alternate name o Aiberdeen rowe suggests, butteries is a speciality o Aiberdeen.

Thay war creatit in the 1880s, tae provide the growin Aiberdeen fishin industry a kin o hie-creesh rowe that wadna gae aff for langer periods at sea nor normal rowe.