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Buirdsports are sports that are played wi some sort o buird as the primary equipment. These sports tak place on a variety o terrain, frae pavit flat-grund an snaw covered hills tae watter an air. Maist buirdsports are considered action sports or extreme sports, an thus aften appeal tae youth. A lairge proportion o youth pairtakin in these sports, thegither wi aesthetic damage tae property frae sports like skatebuirdin, haes led tae mony buird sports being marginalized bi the greater warld o sports in the past. Housomeivver, many buird sports are iver-mair frequently gainin mainstream recognition, an wi this recognition hae enjoyed wider broadcast, sponsorship an inclusion in institutional sportin events, includin the Olympic Gemmes.[1]

Surfin wis the first buirdsport, oreeginatin frae Polynesie cultur. Skatebuirdin wis then inventit bi surfers leukin tae "surf" on land.[2] It is haurd tae estimate when maist buirdsports wur "inventit" acause fowk hae been makkin hamemade versions throughoot history. For example, it is no haurd tae conceive o a person, who is familiar wi the concept o skiin or sleddin, staundin sidelins on a plank o firth an ridin doun a snaw-covered slope. M.J. "Jack" Burchett is credited wi first doin this in 1929, uisin horse reins an clothesline tae secur his feet on the plank o firth.[3] Most buirdsports hae similar, equally unkent oreegins.

Uisin data collectit in the past decade, it is estimatit there is 18-50 million skatebuirders,[4][5] 5-25 million surfers.[6] an 10-20 million snawbuirders[7][8] in the warld. Approximately 100 million fowk pairticipate in buirdsports warldwide.

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