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Broderick Crawford

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Broderick Crawford
Crawford in The Interns (1971)
BornWilliam Broderick Crawford
9 December 1911(1911-12-09)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvanie, U.S.
Dee'd26 Apryle 1986(1986-04-26) (aged 74)
Rancho Mirage, Californie, U.S.
Restin place
Ferndale Cemetery, Johnstown, New York[1]
Years active1935–1985
Hauf-marrae(s)Kay Griffith (1940–1958; divorced); twa bairns
Joan Tabor (1962–1967; divorced)
Mary Alice Moore (1973–1986; his daith)
BairnsChristopher Broderick Crawford (1947-2002)
Anly grandbairn, Katherine Lee Crawford (1970-current) frae auldest son, Christopher
Kelly Griffith Crawford (1951–2012)

Broderick Crawford (December 9, 1911 – Aprile 26, 1986) wis an American stage, film, radio, an TV actor, eften cast in tough-guy roles an best kent for his portrayal o Willie Stark in All the King's Men an for his starnin role as Chief Dan Matthews in the telly series Highway Patrol (1955-1959).[2]


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