Broch o Gurness

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Broch o Gurness
Broch of Gurness2.jpg
Broch o Gurness
Broch o Gurness is locatit in Orkney Islands
Broch o Gurness
Shawn within Orkney Islands
LocationMainland, Orkney
Coordinates59°07′19″N 3°04′41″W / 59.122°N 3.078°W / 59.122; -3.078
TeepAirn age settlement
PeriodsIron Age
Site notes
AinershipHistoric Scotland
Public accessYes

The Broch o Gurness is an Airn Age broch veelage on the northwast coast o Mainland Orkney in Scotland owerleukin Eynhallow Soond, aboot 15 miles north-wast o Kirkwa.

Coordinates: 59°07′19″N 3°04′41″W / 59.122°N 3.078°W / 59.122; -3.078