Broch o Clickimin

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Coordinates: 60°08′57″N 1°09′56″W / 60.149289°N 1.165543°W / 60.149289; -1.165543

Broch o Clickimin
Broch o Clickimin
Broch o Clickimin is located in Shetland
Broch o Clickimin
Shawn within Shetland
LocationMainland, Shetland
Coordinates60°08′57″N 1°09′56″W / 60.149289°N 1.165543°W / 60.149289; -1.165543
PeriodsAirn Age
Site notes
AinershipHistoric Scotland

The Broch o Clickimin (forby kent as Clickimin Broch) is a lairge an weel preserved, though less or mair restored broch in Lerook in Shetland, Scotland (grid reference HU46434082).[1]

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