Brian Adam

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Brian Adam

Member of the Scottish Parliament
for Aberdeen Donside
Aberdeen North (2003–2011)
North East Scotland (1999–2003)
In office
6 May 1999 – 25 April 2013
Precedit biElaine Thomson
2003 Aberdeen North
Succeedit biMark McDonald
Majority7,175 (26.9%)
Meinister for Pairliamentary Business and Chief Whip
In office
25 Mey 2011 – 6 Septembre 2012
Precedit biBruce Crawford
Succeedit biJoe Fitzpatrick
Personal details
Born10 Juin 1948(1948-06-10)
Newmill, near Keith, Moray, Scotland
Dee'd25 Apryle 2013(2013-04-25) (aged 64)
Aberdeen, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyScottish National Party
Spoose(s)Dorothy Adam
Alma materUniversity of Aberdeen
ProfessionBiochemist, Trade Union Activist
Wabsteidbrian adam

Brian Adam (born 10 Juin 1948 - dee'd 25 Aprile 2013) wis a Scots politeecian, an a Memmer o the Scots Pairlament, representin the Scots National Pairty (SNP). In 2003 he wis waled for tae represent the consteetuency o Aiberdeen North, efter haein been waled fae the north-east regional leet in 1999.

He wes an MSP for Nor Aest Scotland Region atween the years 1999 an 2003, syne efterhaund representit Aiberdeen North Constituency frae 2003 til 2011 an lest like for Aiberdeen Donside up til his daith in 2013.

The years frae 2007 til 2011 Brian Adam wes chief whip athin the minority SNP Govrenment alang wi bein Co-Convener o The Cross Pairty Group for Ile an Gas. Forby thon he wes alsae The Meinister for Pairlament Business an Chief whip frae Mey 2011 til Septembre 2012.

On Aprile 25t 2013, Adam dee'd efter fechtin lang-term illness.

Life afore Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Brian Adam wes born in 1948 an upbrocht in The Veillage o Newmill ,2 mile benorth o the Toon o Keith in Moray.

He attendit Keith Grammar School, an efterhaund wun til a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry an a MSc in Clinical Pharmacology frae Aiberdeen University.

His wirkin career stairtit wi Glaxo in Montrose, Angus frae 1970 til 1973, afore he ontaen a job as a Biochemist at the Ceitie Hospital in Aiberdeen whaur he bade wirkin til 1988.

Frae 1988 Adam wirkit as the heidmaist biochemist in The Naitional Health Service at Aiberdeen Ryal Infirmary an forby thon wes a trade Unions Activist, afore he wes electit tae The Scots Pairliament at Halyruid in 1999.

He bade in Aiberdeen an wes a memmer o The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints an alsae wes a keen supporter o Aiberdeen Fitba Club an wad gaun til a feck o thair Gemms.

Poleitical Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Brian Adam jyned the Scottish Naitional Pairty i 1974 an thrice wes electit an serred as a cooncilor for Middlefield an Heathryfold athin Aiberdeen District Cooncil, atween the years 1988 til 1996 .

Alsae he serred on Aiberdeen Ceity Cooncil atween the years 1995 til 1999 whan he wes electit til the Scots Pairliament.

Afore he becam an MSP he haed stuid for the Aiberdeen North constituency in a UK General Election in 1997 for tae becum its MP at The Hoose o Commons but wes defait whan The Labour Pairty hauden on til the seat bi 10,000 votes.

Memmer o The Scots Pairliament[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first elections tae The Scots Paitliament taen place i 1999 whaur Brian Adam focht for The Aiberdeen North Constituency.

He wes defait again bi The Labour Pairty Candidate but bi a mair narra coont this time o juist 398 votes,houanevir he wes electit tae Pairliament throu the Nor Aest Regional Leet seestem.

At the Scots Pairliament Election o 2003 Adams stuid again for The Aiberdeen North Constituency an wes electit ootricht whan he baet The Labour Pairty tae the seat wi an owerplus o 457 votes.

He hauden on til his seat in The 2007 Election whaur he addit til his vote wi a majorotie o 3,749 votes.

In the 2011 election The Aiberdeen North Constituency haed been re-nemmed til Aiberdeen Donside ,but forby this Adams eikit til his vote coont wi a majoritie o 7,175.

On Aprile 25t 2013 it wes annoonced at efter a lang fecht wi illness Brian Adam haed dee'd o Cancer

Spokesperson posts[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • May 1999 to September 2000 – Deputy Whip
  • September 2000 to April 2003 – Deputy Business Manager & Deputy Chief Whip
  • May 2003 to September 2004 – Deputy Party Spokesperson on Education & Lifelong Learning[1]
  • September 2004 – Deputy Party Spokesperson on Tourism[1]

Reference[eedit | eedit soorce]

In June 2003 he becam the Convener o the Standards Committee.[1]

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