Boutros Boutros-Ghali

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Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Boutros-Ghali in Mairch 2002
Secretar General o La Francophonie
In office
16 November 1997 – 31 December 2001
Preceded by Jean-Louis Roy
Succeeded by Abdou Diouf
Secretar General o the Unitit Naitions
In office
1 Januar 1992 – 31 December 1996
Preceded by Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
Succeeded by Kofi Annan
Meenister o Foreign Affairs
In office
17 September 1978 – 17 Februar 1979
Prime Meenister Mamdouh Salem
Mustafa Khalil
Preceded by Muhammad Ibrahim Kamel
Succeeded by Mustafa Khalil
In office
17 November 1970 – 15 December 1999
Prime Meenister Mamdouh Salem
Preceded by Ismail Fahmi
Succeeded by Muhammad Ibrahim Kamel
Personal details
Born 14 November 1922 (1922-11-14) (age 93)
Cairo, Kinrick o Egyp
(nou Cairo, Egyp)
Poleetical pairty Arab Socialist Union (afore 1978)
Naitional Democratic Pairty (1978–2011)
Independent (2011–present)
Spoose(s) Leia Maria Boutros-Ghali
Alma mater Cairo Varsity
Pantheon-Sorbonne Varsity
Institute o Poleetical Studies, Paris
Releegion Christianity

Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Arabic: بطرس بطرس غالي, Coptic: Bουτρος Βουτρος-Γαλι) (born 14 November 1922) is an Egyptian diplomat who wis the saxt Secretary-General o the Unitit Naitions (UN) frae Januar 1992 tae December 1996. An academic an umwhile Foreign Meenister o Egyp, Boutros Boutros-Ghali owersaw the UN at a time when it paid attention tae several warld crises, includin the breakup o Yugoslavie an the Rwandan Genocide.