Borders Group

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Borders Group, Inc.
Industry Retail (Specialty)
Fate Liquidation
Foondit 1971
Defunct 2011
Heidquarters Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.
Key fowk
Bennett S. LeBow
Umwhile Chairman an CEO
Mike Edwards
Umwhile President
Scott Henry
Umwhile CFO
Products Beuks, Cairts, CDs, DVDs, Calendars, Gift Packs, Magazines, Board Gemmes, Encyclopedies
Nummer o employees
aboot 19,500 (2010)
Subsidiaries Waldenbooks

Borders Groop (NYSE: BGP) is an internaitional beukseller foondit in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Borders is a Fortune 500 company, an is (as o 2005) the seicont-lairgest beukshap cheen in the Unitit States (efter Barnes & Noble), sellin a braid walin o beuks, CDs, DVDs, magazines, as weel as myndins an stationar.