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Blasphemy ar a black/daith metal baund formed in Burnaby, Breetish Columbie, Canadae in 1984. The baund released a demo titled Blood Upon the Altar in 1989 an their debut album, Fallen Angel of Doom, the follaeing year through Wild Rags, a record label they haed signed tae while touring the Unitit States. The baund's sangster later statit the label didna pay them the amoont they wir promised. Their seicont an, till nou, last fou-lenth studio album wis the 1993 Gods of War released through Osmose Productions. In 1993, Blasphemy teuk pairt in the "Fuck Christ Tour" an aw an toured through Europe wi Immortal an Rotting Christ. The baund's Julie 2001 concert in Vancouver wis released as a live album titled Live Ritual - Friday the 13th in 2002.

They wur inactive until 2009, when they played twa concerts; ane in Montreal an ane in Helsinki, in the Black Flames o Blasphemy festival, with Proclamation, Black Witchery, Revenge an Archgoat.

Blasphemy's sang "War Command" haes been covered bi Beherit an the cover appeared on Beherit's 1999 compilation album Beast of Beherit - Complete Worxxx. Blasphemy's "Winds of the Black Gods" wis the opening track on the 2004 compilation Fenriz Presents... The Best of Old-School Black Metal.


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Current line-up

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  • Nocturnal Grave Desecrator an Black Winds – Vocals
  • Caller o the Storms – Guitars
  • Deathlord o Abomination an War Apocalypse – Guitars
  • Three Black Hearts o Damnation an Impurity – Drums
  • V.K. (o Diocletian/Vassafor) live session Bass

Past members

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  • Ace Gestapo Necrosleezer an Vaginal Commands – Bass
  • Black Priest o 7 Satanic Rituals – Guitars
  • The Traditional Sodomizer o the Goddess o Perversity – Guitars(Witches Hammer/Tyrants Blood)
  • Bestial Saviour o the Undead Legions;bass an backing vocals


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  • Blood Upon the Altar (1989)
  • Die Hard Rehearsal (2001)
  • Blood Upon the Soundscape (2018)
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