Birth defect

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Birth defect
SynonymsCongenital disorder, congenital disease, congenital deformity, congenital anomaly[1]
A boy wi Down syndrome, ane o the maist common birth defects[2]
SpecialtyMedical genetics, pediatrics
SymptomsPheesical disabeelity, intellectual disabeelity, developmental disabeelity[3]
Uisual onsetPresent at birth[3]
TeepsStructural, functional[4]
CausesGenetics, exposur tae certain medications or chemicals, certaint infections in pregnancy[5]
Risk factorsNae eneuch folic acid, drinkin alcohol or smeukin, puirly controlled diabetes, mother ower the age o 35[6][7]
TreatmentTherapy, medication, surgery, assistive technology[8]
Frequency3% of newborns (US)[2]
Daiths628,000 (2015)[9]

A birth defect, kent as a congenital disorder an aw, is a condeetion present at birth regairdless o cause.[3]

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