Beyaz peynir

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Beyaz peynir
Kintra o originTurkey
Soorce o milkSheep, goat, or cow milk
PasteurisedDepends on variety
TexturDepends on variety

Beyaz peynir[1] Turkis pronunciation: [beˈjaz pejniɾ] (meanin "white cheese" in Turkish) is a brine cheese produced frae unpasteurised sheep, cow or goat milk. The cheese haes a slichtly grainy appearance an is seemilar tae feta, sirene an other Balkan white cheeses. Vegetable rennet is addit tae the sheep's milk as a clottin agent.[2] Once the curds are produced, thay are pressit, choppit, an strainit afore bein cut intae blocks that are saltit an placit in a brine solution for approximately sax month.[3]

Beyaz peynir is produced in a variety o styles, rangin frae non-maturit cheese curds tae a quite strang matur version. It is eaten plain, for example as pairt o the tradeetional Turkis breakfast, uised in salads, an incorporatit intae cuiked fuids sic as menemen, börek, gözleme an pide.

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