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Betty Williams (Nobel laureate)

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Betty Williams
Betty Williams
Born22 Mey 1943(1943-05-22)
Belfast, Northren Ireland
Dee'd17 Mairch 2020; agit 76
Kent forCommunity of Peace People
ReleegionRoman Catholic
Hauf-marrae(s)Ralph Williams, James Perkins
AwairdsNobel Peace Prize, 1976

Betty Williams (born 22 Mey 1943 in the ceety o Belfast in Northren Ireland; deed thair, 17 Mairch 2020), is a co-recipient wi Mairead Corrigan o the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for her wirk as a cofoonder o Community of Peace People, an organisation dedicatit tae promotin a peacefu resolution tae the Troubles in Northren Ireland.