Bernabé Ferreyra

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Bernabé Ferreyra
Bferreyra poster 1936.jpg
Ferreyra in 1936 while playin for River Plate.
Personal information
Date o birth 12 Februar 1909(1909-02-12)
Place o birth Rufino, Argentinae
Date o daith 22 Mey 1972(1972-05-22) (aged 63)
Playin poseetion Forrit
Club information
Current team
Buenos Aires, Argentinae
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
1927–1932 Tigre 43 (45)
1930–1931Vélez Sársfield (loan) 0 (0)
1932–1939 River Plate 185 (187)
Naitional team
1930–1937 Argentinae 4 (0)
* Senior club appearances an goals coontit for the domestic league anerly

Bernabé Ferreyra (12 Februar 1909 – 22 Mey 1972) wis a Argentine association fitbaw forward. He wis ane o the first profeesional players in Argentine fitbaw tae reach great popularity, tae the pynt that he haed a movie biografie.

Playin career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Club[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ferreyra an fans durin his last match in 1939.

Bernabé Ferreyra debuted at 14 in Jorge Newbery, a local club frae his hame toun. At the age o 18 he went tae BAP, a club o Junín, Buenos Aires Province. His senior career stairtit in 1926 playin for Newell´s Old Boys, when Argentine fitbaw wis still amateur. Then he went tae Tigre. He scored 4 goals tae El Porvenir in his debut match. He wis gien on load tae Huracán for a tour tae Brazil, whaur he played 8 matches scorin 11 goals an aw when Argentine fitbaw wis still amateur .

Atween 1930 an 1931, Tigre loaned him for free tae Vélez Sársfield, tae play wi the club durin thair Pan-American tour.[1] He scored 38 goals wi the team durin the tour.[1]

In 1932, Ferreyra wis transferred frae Tigre tae River Plate for a record transfer fee o 23,000 poonds.[2][3] He kept this record for a tot o 20 years – the langest unbreuken time period for this record.

His first match wi River wis on 13 Mairch 1932 facin Chacarita. River wan 3–1 an Ferreyra scored 2 goals. Bernabé played a tot o 185 matches for River, scorin 187 goals, wi a average o 1.01 goal per gemme.[4] He obtained 3 local leagues as player, aw o thaim in River Plate (1932, 1936 an 1937). In the 1932 league tournament, he wis the tap scorer wi 43 goals. This gae him the title o tap scorer in Sooth Americae.[5]

Ferreyra's last match played wis on 11 Mey 1939 against Newell's Old Boys. The match endit 2–2 an Ferreyra did no score. He retired at the early age o 29 an niver acceptit bein a coach.[6]

Ferreyra, alang Valeriano López an Arthur Friedenreich, are the anerly American professional fitbawers wi an average o mair nor 1 goal per match. Bernabé totaled 206 goals in 197 gemmes frae the beginnin o the profeesional era in 1931 tae his retirement in 1939.

His fame an strikin strenth wis sic that the newspaper Crítica gae a prize tae the first goalkeeper that played Ferreyra athoot receivin a goal.[7]

Naitional team[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ferreyra debuted in Argentinae naitional fitbaw team on 25 Mey 1931, facin Uruguay in a Copa Lipton match, awtho he did no play well an wis creeticisit bi jurnalists. His run at naitional team wis brief an he did no pairticipate in ony FIFA Warld Cups.

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ferreyra wis born in the ceety o Rufino, Santa Fe Province. He marriet Juanita in 1936 an haed twa childer, Bernabé Daniel an Carlos Alberto.

Throuoot his career he wis kent as "El Mortero de Rufino",[6][8] due tae his capacity as a striker an his strong kick. He wis kent as La Fiera (Spaingie for "The Wild Animal") an aw.

Quotes[eedit | eedit soorce]

In wirds o some teammates an famous players an Bernabé Ferreyra hissel:[4]

My brithers persistit in tellin me A haed tae be the stranger shuiter in toun. They made me kick the baw fro fore-nuin tae efternuin, ivery day. They uised tae encourage me shoutin: 'Harder, even harder!'
A prefer tae retire frae fitbaw afore fitbaw retires frae me
'So you are "La Fiera" (The Fierce): A wantit tae meet you', said Carlos Gardel tae Ferreyra, who answered: 'Nae, maister, it is you who are "La Fiera" when singin'
Bernabé was an exceptional player: his rivals had to work on him twice as much as with other players. For all of us, his teammates, he made things easier. But as a man, he was valued more. Bernabé earned as much money as he wanted but he was not concerned with keeping it. He gave other people a lot of money, without asking for anything in return. When he shook your hand, you could be sure that you had a friend for the rest of your life .(José Manuel Moreno)

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