Belovo, Kemerovo Oblast

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Belovo Toun Admeenistration biggin
Belovo Toun Admeenistration biggin
Banner o Belovo
Coat of airms o Belovo
Coat airms
Location o Belovo
Belovo is located in Roushie
Location o Belovo
Belovo is located in Kemerovo Oblast
Belovo (Kemerovo Oblast)
Coordinates: 54°25′N 86°18′E / 54.417°N 86.300°E / 54.417; 86.300Coordinates: 54°25′N 86°18′E / 54.417°N 86.300°E / 54.417; 86.300
Federal subjectKemerovo Oblast[1]
Known since1726
Town status syne1938[2]
 • Total171 km2 (66 sq mi)
Elevation223 m (732 ft)
 • Total76,764
 • Estimate 
72,519 (−5.5%)
 • Rank212t in 2010
 • Density450/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
 • Subordinatit taeBelovo Toun Unner Oblast Jurisdiction[1]
 • Caipital oBelovsky Destrict[1], Belovo Toun Unner Oblast Jurisdiction[1]
 • Urban okrugBelovsky Urban Okrug[6]
 • Caipital oBelovsky Urban Okrug[6], Belovsky Municipal Destrict[6]
Time zoneUTC+7 ([7])
Postal code(s)[8]
652600–652699Edit this on Wikidata
OKTMO ID32707000001

Belovo (Roushie: Белово) is a toun in Kemerovo Oblast, Roushie, locatit on the Bachat River 170 kilometer (110 mi) sooth o Kemerovo. Population: 76,764 (2010 Census);[4] 82,425 (2002 Census);[9] 93,108 (1989 Census).[10]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The veelage o Belovo for the first time is mentioned in 1726. It wis namit efter a fugitive peasant Fyodor Belov, who built a smaw taiga hoose, a so-cried zaimka, on the bank o the Bachat River. The year o 1855 wis a new page in the history o dounset: the minin o mineral resources on the foond coal field began. In 1938, Belovo wis grantit toun status.[2] The toun developit as a conglomeration o depairtmental dounsets, whose population wis directly or indirectly involvit wi the coal mines, a pouer station, an the railwey.

Admeenistrative an municipal status[eedit | eedit soorce]

Athin the framewirk o admeenistrative diveesions, Belovo serves as the admeenistrative centre o Belovsky Destrict, even tho it is no a pairt o it.[1] As a admeenistrative diveesion, it is, thegither wi fower urban-teep dounsets an twa landwart localities, incorporatit separately as Belovo Toun Unner Oblast Jurisdiction—a admeenistrative unit wi the status equal tae that o the destricts.[1] As a municipal diveesion, Belovo Toun Unner Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporatit as Belovsky Urban Okrug.[6]

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun is govrened bi the Cooncil o the Fowkdeputies, which consists o five committees, the Heid o Toun, Toun Admeenistration, an structural diveesions.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Belovo railwey station
Belovo bus station (1975-2012)

Belovo is the important transport unit o Kuzbass: it is situatit approximately on the hauf wey atween regional centre Kemerovo an the ceety o Novokuznetsk an is connectit wi thaim bi railwey an heich-gate o republican value «Kemerovo - Mezhdurechensk». 18% o aw Kuzbass coal is got at Belovo. Bi the volume o extractit coal the ceety is a stable member o three leaders thegither wi Novokuznetsk an Mezhdurechensk. 63% o industrial ootputs o the ceety are due tae coal branch, which is presentit bi 4 open-casts an 5 mines. The lairgest in Roushie the open-cast «Bachatskii» haes markit its 60t anniversar in 2009. Fower thoosan fowk wirk at it. The open-cast exports its production tae CIS kintras as well as tae ither foreign kintras. Mair nor 6,5 thoosan fowk wirk at Belovo mines. Belovo destrict pouer station wirks oot ane third o electric pouer o Kuzbass. Such unique companies, as «Belovo zinc plant», JSC an «Sibelcom», JSC (the monopolist in Roushie tae produce switchin stuff), wirk in Belovo aurie. Ither firms o the ceety, such as «Belovo machine wirks», JSC, «Belovo energoremontnyi zavod», JSC; «Belovo СЕММ», JSC, etc. shoud be mentioned.

The economical ootleuks o Belovo first o aw depend on development of its coal firms and concomitant industry.

Social sphere[eedit | eedit soorce]

Central Palace o Cultur

Medical care tae the population o the ceety is rendered bi 27 medical entities. Thare are 25 librars in Belovo, 3 airt schuils, 8 muisical schuils, 3 cinemas, 16 clubs an hooses o cultur, exhibition haw an Local Pairk. Thare 8 Stadiums an 60 sportin haws, chess club, an hoose o sports an aw. Thare are social asylum for childer an adolescents an aw, social - rehabilitation centre for the minor.

Eddication[eedit | eedit soorce]

Orientation o the ceety tae the operational coalfields, an as a consequent - set o dounsets in huge terrain, hae defined lairge nummer o objects o the social sphere (mair nor 240 entities). Amang thaim - 41 seicontar schuils an 5 fore-nuin schuils, 34 preschuil entities, Palace o creativity o Children an Youth, б profeesional schuils, medical schuil, pedagogical an polytechnic colleges, Belovo branch o Kemerovo State Varsity, branches o the Kuzbass Technical Varsity, Tomsk Varsity o Airchitectur an Biggin, Tomsk Polytechnic Varsity.

Notable fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Chapel o the Intercession o the Mither

The rank o the "honorar ceetizen" wis established in 1999 bi the Cooncil o the Fowkdeputies. As o 2012, three fowk hae been awairdit this rank.

Ither notable fowk include:

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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