Beautiful Sin

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Beautiful Sin
Oreigin Germany/Norawa/Belgium/Swaden
Genres Pouer metal
Hivy metal
Years active 2005 – present
Labels AFM Records
Associate acts Masterplan
Pagan's Mind
Members Magali Luyten
Jørn Viggo Lofstad
Carl Johan Grimmark
Steinar Krokmo
Axel Mackenrott
Uli Kusch

Beautiful Sin is a European pouer metal baund. They are hivily influenced bi the popular pouer metal baund Helloween.

Beautiful Sin began when Uli Kusch met a Belgian sangster cawed Magali Luyten, an wantit tae record an album wi her baund. He agreed tae produce a demo-CD for the baund, but the recordins wur niver released.

A few years later, Uli wis considerin creatin a new project next tae Masterplan in which he woud write aw the muisic hissel. In autumn o 2004 he began talkin tae Magali ance again – this time aboot formin a baund together.

Roondin oot the rest o the line-up woud be Pagan's Mind's Jørn Viggo Lofstad an Steinar Krokmo (comin frae Uli's adoptit hame, Norrowey), an an' a' Kusch's Masterplan-mate, Axel Mackenrott.

Efter the release o The Unexpected, Carl Johan Grimmark wis addit as a seicont guitarist.

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