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Beivve Sami Sun seembol

Beaivi, cried Beiwe, Bievve, Beivve an Biejje an aw, is the Sami name of the Sun or might refer to the Sami Sun-deity. The Sami Sun-deity is mostly depicted as female but sometimes as male an aw. In Sápmi, north of the Polar circle, where the Sun during the winter-period, does not even reach the horizon, it is not hard to believe, that the Sun was appreciated an played a major role in the cultic coherence. Buorre beaivi means guid day in Northren Sámi but disna hae tae associate wi the Sun-deity.

Beaivi is the ware an sun goddess o growthiness an sanity wis worshippit bi the Sami, ane o the indigenous fowks o Fennoscandie.

At Winter solstice a white female reindeer wis sacrificit in honour o Beivve, tae ensure that she returned tae the Warld an pit an end tae the lang winter season. At the time o the year whan the Sun wis returnin, butter (whilk melts in the sunshine) wis smeared on the doorposts, as a sacrifice tae Beivve, sae that she coud gain strenth throu her convalescence an gang heicher an heicher in the sky. At Simmer solstice, fowk made sun-rings oot o leaves an pinned thaim up in her honour. At thir occasions, they ett butter as a sacral meal an aw.

Beivve wis aften accompanee'd bi her dochter, Beaivi-nieida (the sun maiden) in an enclosur o reindeer antlers.

Beivve brocht growthiness back tae the Arctic region, she made the plants grow, sae that the reindeer flourisht an reproducit, an brocht walth an prosperity tae the humans.

At the time o the year whan Beivve returned, prayers wis made for the fowk wha wis mentally ill. The Sami considered - correct like - that madness in the shape o psychoses an depressions wis provokit bi the lack o sunshine an licht in the dark winter-saison.[1]

In Sami meeth, she traivels wi her dochter Beaivi-nieida throu the sky in an enclosur covered bi reindeer bones, bringin green plants back tae the winter yird for the reindeer tae eat. She wis cried upon tae restore the mental halth o those who went insane acause o the continual darkness o the lang winter.

Worshippers o Beaivi uised tae sacrifice white female animals, an thread the meat ontae sticks whilk they bend intae rings an tee wi bricht ribbons. They kiver their doorposts wi butter so Beaivi can eat it an begin her journey ance again an aw. This is cried the Festival o Beaivi.

She is associate wi the growthiness o plants an animals, in pairticular reindeer.

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