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Baubau is the main ceety on Buton island, Indonesie. Baubau reached the ceety status on 21 Juin 2001, based on the Indonesian law nummer 13, year 2001. A port cried Murhum serves the ceety sea transportation wi a ferry terminal (jetty) operatit bi the Indonesian state-awned sealiner, Pelni.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Durin the fifteent century (1401—1499), Bau-Bau wis the centre o the Buton (or Wolio) kinrick. Thare wur nae historical records kent frae this kinrick, except frae a description in the Nagarakretagama text, an Auld Javanese eulogy written bi Mpu Prapanca durin the Majapahit Kinrick. Mpu Prapanca describit a veelage cawed Buton or Butuni wi its gairden an irrigation seestem, an thare wis a keeng ruled in the aurie.

The kinrick o Buton firstly established bi Mia Patamiana, a fower musketeer actit as a chieftain. The fower musketeer wut kent as Sipanjonga, Simalui, Sitamanajo an Sijawangkati, based on a historical record Semenanjung Tanah Melayu (or the Malay peninsula record) written in the thirteent century. Thay arrived on the island an foondit a veelage cawed Wolio an appointit smaw destrict leaders kent as Limbo. Later, thay unitit intae the kinrick o Button an appointit Wa Kaa Kaa as the first queen in 1332; she wis the wife o ane o descendants o the Majapahit ruler.

In 1542, the kinrick o Button transformed itsel intae sultanate when Islam entered the aurie. The first sultan o Button wis Lakilaponto, entitled as the Sultan Murhum Kaimuddin Khalifatul Khamis. The last sultan (the 38t) wis Muhammad Falihi Kaimuddin in 1960.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Geographically, Bau-bau lies atween lattitute 5.21°S–5.33°S an langitude 122.30°E–122.47°E, or lies on the soothren pairt o sooth east Sulawesi region. Bau-Bau is bordered at the north bi the Buton strait, the east bi the Kapontori subdistrict, the sooth bi the Pasarwajo subdestrict an the wast bi the Kadatua subdestrict. The aurie o the ceety is aboot 221–km2, wi the sea aurie aroond 30–km2

The topographical condeetion o Bau-Bau mainly consists o muntain an hills. Lang coasts an lang hills stretch abuin the surroondin terrain wi the variation o altitude atween 0–100 meters abuin mean sea level. Bau-bau haes land slope atween 8–30%.

As for ither Indonesian ceeties, Bau-Bau observes tropical wather. The day an nicht temperature varies aroond 29 tae 33 Celsius durin day time an 20 tae 29 Celsius durin nicht time. The ecoseestems conseest o rain forests, spiny forests an desert.

Admeenistration[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety is dividit further intae fower sub-destricts:

  1. Betoambari wi aurie o 34.34 km2 (15.54%)
  2. Wolio wi aurie o 26.77 km2 or (12.11%)
  3. Sorawolio wi aurie o 82.25 km2 (37.67%)
  4. Bungi wi aurie o 76.64 km2 (34.68%)

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The population o the ceety is estimatit at 120,000 fowk, consistin mainly o the Butonese, Buginese, Moluccan, Javanese, Sundanese an Chinese fowk. The ceety economy lies on the service industry sic as hotel (30%), tred (20%) wi maistly sea tred, agricultural (20%) wi main coconut production, an the rest are in public transportation business. Bau-Bau is an' a' a major fishin centre in Sulawesi aurie producin trepang (sea cucumber).

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

Port Murhum serves the ceety's, an an' a' the island's, main access for transportation. Direct sea connections include Jakarta an Kendari. The follaein passenger ships o the Indonesian state-awned sealiner company PT Pelni serve Bau-Bau: KM Bukit Siguntang, KM Ciremai, KM Dorolonda, KM Kelimutu, KM Sinabung, an KM Lambelu (2008 sailing schedule Archived 2008-01-19 at the Wayback Machine). Transportation bi air plane can be done three times a week throu the Makassar

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Coordinates: 5°28′00″S 122°37′59″E / 5.4667°S 122.633°E / -5.4667; 122.633

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