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Basque Kintra

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Cairt shawin the geographical an poleetical diveesions o the Basque Kintra

The Basque Kintra mey refer til ane o three auries inhabitit bi the Basque fowk:

  • The Basque Kintra (autonomous commonty) (Comunidad Autónoma Vasca, Euskadi, País Vasco or Vascongadas), a autonomous commonty o Spain (shawn in pink on the cairt)
  • The Basque Kintra (greater region) (Euskal Herria, País Vasco, Pays Basque), the approximate cultural aurie o Basque cultur an leid
  • The Northren Basque Kintra or French Basque Kintra (Iparralde, Pays Basque or Pays Basque Nord), the three (historic) northren provinces in Fraunce (shawn in yellae on the cairt).
  • The Soothren Basque Kintra (Hegoalde) is a term uised in Basque tae refer tae the Basque provinces in Spain, i.e. the Autonomous Basque Commonty plus Navarre (shawn in pink an green on the cairt).