Soothren Basque Kintra

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The Spaingie Basque Kintra or Hegoalde picturt in deep green as related tae the entire Basque Kintra. The internal borders ar shawn o the three provinces which comprise the Basque Autonomous Commonty (tae the wast) an Navarre (tae the east)

The Soothren Basque Kintra (Basque:Hegoalde or Hego Euskal Herria) is a term maist commonly uised in Basque tae refer tae the Basque territories that lie athin Spain as a whole.

It does no exist as a poleetical unit but conceptually includes the three provinces o the Autonomous Basque Commonty - Biscay, Álava (plus the Condado de Treviño enclave) an Gipuzkoa - an Navarre.

The term "Spaingie Basque Kintra" can sometimes be encoontert tae refer tae this concept but is ambiguous as it mey or mey no include Navarre, whauras the Basque-derivit term "Soothren Basque Kintra" invariably includes Navarre an the Treviño enclave.