Bartholin's gland

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Bartholin's gland
Skenes gland.jpg
Female genital organs
PrecursorUrogenital sinus
Arteryfreemit pudendal artery[1]
Nerveilioinguinal nerve[1]
Lymphsuperficial inguinal lymph nodes
Laitinglandula vestibularis major
Bartholin gland
Anatomical terminology
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The Bartholin's glands (cried Bartholin glands or greater vestibular glands an aw) are twa pea sized compoond racemose glands[2] locatit slichtly posterior an tae the left an richt o the openin o the vagina. Thay secrete mucus tae lubricate the vagina an are homologous tae bulbourethral glands in males.

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