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Barston is a veelage an ceevil parish in Metropolitan Borough o Solihull in the Wast Midlands o Ingland. It is aboot sax km east o Solihull an is locatit athin a lairge meander o the River Blythe. The nearest lairge ceety is Birmingham. Accordin tae the 2001 UK Census, the parish haed a population o 499.[1]

Thare some fine historic biggins, some o them timmer-framed. The Kirk o St. Swithin is a Kirk o Ingland kirk which dates frae 1721, an is biggit on the steid o an earlier kitk. The veelage possesses a pub an aa, The Bulls Head, an aboot 50 residential properties. Thare is nae bus service or ony ither frae o public transport in the veelage, awtho an abandoned bus stap still exists at the end o the central road o Barston, Oak Lane, whilk is left ower frae an auld schuil service frae the 1970s. Next tae the bus stap is an auld-farrant reid phone box. Thare is a sewage treatment wirks near the veelage.

The fitbawer Robbie Keane awned a hoose in Barston whilst playin for Coventry City F.C. in the early hauf o the 1990s.

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